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Although I came from a sports background; playing county hockey, competing in gymnastics and racing the 800m, my direction of career was in advertising for the majority of my twenties.


Advertising was a fast-paced, brain-zapping industry with highs and lows. Some of my best days were at Oglivy and Mather where I wrote a TV ad for Milka chocolate. I enjoyed my time at DLKW Lowe where I had a constant run of Mirror ads to write and make. I spent my last few years at HMDG working on a number of brands from small Nike briefs to campaigns for Sliderobe wardrobes and daily headline writing for Superdrug.


My posture was horrendous, with pain shooting through my shoulders on a daily basis. The most exercise I would do, was a little jog at the weekend. I even got a sports massage weekly to ease the pain. With long hours and feeling drained and stressed I left. 


Hopping over to Australia for 7months on a working visa I re-found my love of sport - and did everything I could do be out and about on an adventure - surfing, cannoying, white water rafting, riding, hiking, running....the list continues. That was it, descion made. Time to re-train and get back into something i was good at.


I trained with Premier Training in May 2014 to become a Personal Trainer and Class instructor. I started my Eat & Do health and fitness business immediately and simultaneously worked at Frome Leisure Centre writing all kinds of programs for specific sports, mobility, weight loss and muscle gain.


During 2015 I instructed many different classes and very often designed the format. I used a variety of training methods and equipment to challenge and give people the satisfaction they were looking for from exercise. 


I believe atmosphere from the group, clear direction (my job) and fun collectively are a good recipe for a class that will want to come back for more. 


I am specifically a Kettlecise instructor which uses a unique method that gets results. The exercises cover the entire body and will challenge every level of fitness.


In June 2015 I qualified with Zuna as a Yoga instructor. I write and instruct Hatha Vinyasa classes which strengthen and balance the whole body through flowing movements and stand alone postures. Observing each class I notice quick progression from each individual. Stretching and connecting they go from strength to strength, not afraid to try even the most difficult moves.


I work individuals hard within their given boundaries and aim to empower them through the realisation that the body is amazing and can adapt, change, get stronger through the work that they do. 

In 2016 I trained in Suspension Movement, Postural Alignment and Corrective Exercise and GP Referral.


I'm always looking for new challenges especially with running and I am constantly interested in nutrition and how the body heals itself and reflects what you put in with nutrition and fitness.

Why I chose to Personal Train and Instruct exercise...