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Personalised Yoga Programs

created to suit your body.

Would you like to practice yoga

more in your time?

This is how it works....


I have been lucky enough to take you all for yoga on a Tuesday morning and Thursday evening. I have learnt a lot about you and I hope you feel you have learnt something about yourselves.


We are all different when it comes to yoga and that's why it's such an amazing displine. We are able to surprise ourselves whether it be doing a full push up or balancing with our eyes closed. We all have strengths and weakness we would like to work on. It is brilliant to see the progression and moments of joy having achieved perfect postures.

Not only that, it makes us feel good.

Some of you have said to me you would like to practice yoga every day as it makes you feel good. So that got me thinking.... If all of you are different and you would like to practice your own, then why not create a plan for you each individually.

Also, I think a really good way to follow yoga when not in class is by video or audio. So, the plan would be, I write a yoga program for you. Teach you and then video you doing your flow so that you can use it to practice in your own time. You can also have the option of me talking and a choice of music.

I have written a questionnaire below that you can fill in to help me write your vinyasa. Please click below to download.



For this individual vinyasa program you will receive:

A drawing of your flow.

An explanation of what the vinyasa aims to achieve

A 1 hour 1-1 taking you through your flow

A video with visual and optional music and voiceover.

Usual price: £60

But as a loyal customer and because you are the first to trial this product I would like to offer 20% off. £48.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you at yoga.

Best wishes,



Would you like to practice a routine that is completely tailored to you and your style?

Would you like to work on postures which complement your body? 


Would you like to follow a personalised vinyasa flow to help support your own strength, stamina and flexibility?

Lottie and I can do this for you...

We'll take you through a personalised vinyasa, written just for you. We'll film it and then you can downloaded your yoga video to practice as much as you like.