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Beckington, Wellow, Frome & Mere

Be good to your body, and it will be good to you.


Welcome Live Fit Yogis, to the online class hub. 

Online classes and PT are now open. I welcome ideas and creativity at this tricky time. 

Here are the online classes on Team Up:

Online Yoga Class:

6 screens on zoom, max.

Book through Team up. 1 class pass per person.

Online Gentle Yoga.

6 screens on zoom, max.

Book through Team up. 1 class pass per person.

New online classes can be created according to demand.

Online PT

1 to 2 People. £30 per session.

Online PT Share

x 2 Parties of 1-2 people. £20 each party. (essentially a small class between two families.)


All you need is:

A log into Team Up. Contact Sarah for this.

A device: Laptop, Ipad, mobile etc. Ideally 1 per person. x2 people can share one device2 devices cannot be in the same room, due to the feedback.

Downloaded Zoom.

And off we go!

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Current Online Timetable


4:30pm Yoga    

6:00pm Yoga


7:00am Yoga

8:15am Yoga

11:00am Gentle Yoga. Chair based.

5:15pm Yoga


6:00pm Yoga


9:30am Gentle Yoga. Chair and standing work.

5:00pm Workshops. (Not every week.)

6:45pm Yoga


8:30am Yoga

10:00am Yoga

Personal Training available. Please message me to book a session.


WhatsApp groups are there for every class I run. Please connect with them, as they are my quickest way of communication with regards to class. If you are not connected via WhatsApp, please let me know so that I can message you another way.

Team Up Booking system is running as usual. Here you will also see if class is on. You will also find the list of online classes and PT slots available.

Zoom is the platform I will be using for online classes, please download zoom to take part. 10 mins before class you will receive a link to join the class.

Government Information for re opening. I am closely following the information and advice from the government. I will let you know via WhatsApp or a text if we re opening regular classes. You will also see on Team Up if we are open to regular classes or online still.

By supporting each other in any capacity, we will get through this tough period together. Thank you for your support in our Yoga community. Sarah x

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