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Be good to your body, and it will be good to you.







Scientifically formulated to get the gut microbes back into balance.

This kit has been designed not only to cleanse and detox the body but has also been specifically formulated to rebalance our microbiome.


The gut is the hub to all our systems and its health effects our immune system, our mood, our ability to lose weight, our digestion and much, much more.

Getting the gut microbes into balance is the first step towards achieving elite health, solving health issues from the root cause...


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Each of the 5 products in the kit are there for a specific reason. In brief:

ProArgi9 relaxes and widens the arteries enabling the body to access deeply held toxins in stagnant areas of the body. It also helps remove ammonia.

Biome DT is an innovative dietry supplement with zinc, glutamine, psyllium, plant extracts and seeds. It is high in chlorophyll and helps the body to come out of an acidic state in to an alkaline state. Bad bacteria, candida, fungi and parasites reduce when the body is alkaline as they prefer to live in an acidic body. Biome DT also helps your body to remove heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury.

Biome Shake is made from a pea protein and is very filling. Within it is inulin, made from chicory root, which is a pre-biotic. These fermentable fibers create the right environment in the gut for good bacteria to flourish.

Biome Actives contain pre and probiotics which are the good bacteria to put in to your body and populate the gut. The spore called Bacillus Coagulans is very robust and can survive your stomach acid and even cooking at high temperatures.

Body Prime is a magnesium capsule with apple pectin and prune powder. We are often deficient in magnesium and this helps us with energy levels and cardio vascular health. Body Prime is formulated to help lubricate the bowels allowing toxins to move out of the body easily.

There is a suggested 7 to 21 day programme that goes with the kit and we will be on hand to support you through the programme. Please do get in contact if you would like more information. These products are based on cutting edge science and it is the first of it's kind to market.

We have already seen remarkable results from those that have trialled this transformational programme. Many people have:

lost weight (all though it is not specifically a weight loss programme)

improved digestion and no bloating

more energy

sleep better

loss of cravings

relief from aches and pains a more positive energy and feel calmer

£200 for the full kit. Please contact for more information.

If you would like information on individual nutritional supplements please message me and I can send you some information.


Phytolife Alkalising Formula - Liquid Chlorophyll

The modern diet is out of balance. Our high-octane lifestyles and poor food choices leave many of us at risk of not getting the right proportion of the nutrients we need.


One of the most important nutrients missing from today’s diet is chlorophyll.


Phytolife by Synergy is liquid chlorophyll, ideal as a daily nutritional supplement.

Chlorophyll is the green matter in plants formed during photosynthesis. It derives energy from the sun and performs various life-promoting functions for plants. Backed by two Nobel Prizes we know that chlorophyll naturally contains important vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that can help maintain a healthy body.

Liquid Chlorophyll is highly alkaline and this is important since many diseases are the consequence of acidosis. It has been found that, in an over-acidic environment, bacteria, viruses, fungi and even cancer cells can grow faster.

For optimum health the body should have a pH of 7.4. The pH of phytolife is between 8.2 – 8.9 and so it helps to re address and balance the pH of the body.

PhytoLife is liquid greens in raw form. 


The science behind this natural plant-derived formula is an advanced process that concentrates chlorophyll and other photosynthetic elements and delivers them in a convenient, easily digestible form.

Chlorophyllin, Peppermint, Alfalfa, Barley and  Mulberry

3 teaspoons of Phytolife is the equivalent of 1.5 kilogram of green leafy vegetables.


PhytoLife balances the pH in your body, detoxifies all organs and rebuilds cells and tissue.




Maintaining a healthy digestive system
Healthy bowel function
Antioxidants which help combat free radicals

Soothing properties

Blood Cleanser

Strong Blood Builder
Provides; magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium and protein

Protects cells and builds immunity
A natural deodoriser

Intercepts toxins and stops metabolism of dangerous chemicals

Supports the immune system

Increased fat metabolism

Reduced cravings

PhytoLife in combination with exercise is a perfect product for those who want to lose weight.

There is no problem with taking more then 3 teaspoons if you wish as there are certain diseases which thrive in acidic conditions and when you get rid of the acid you get

rid of the condition. (You can get pH testing strips from a pharmacy to keep track of your pH so you can keep it as close to neutral as possible).




Mistify a highly antioxidant berry juice supplement.

30ml of mystify provides the antioxidant protection you would get from 3.5kg of fruit. Mystify is an antioxidant supplement as part of the Synergy range. 

The main ingredient of MISTIFY (51%) is a sensational berry called Acai. This berry has the highest protection value against free radicals ever recorded in a fruit.  


It also contains 18 amino acids and Essential Fatty Acids.

Other Ingredients of Mistify include:  

elderberry, pomegranate, blueberry, green tea, goji berry,
rasberry , grape seed extract, cranberry

Mistify is high in Fibre and contains generous amounts of vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.


Protection from free radical damage. It has been proven to reduce free radical damage in the body by 43% in three weeks.  (This means a significant reduction in the aging process of the skin)
Supports the immune system 
A natural anti-inflammatory 
A natural pain suppressant.
Protects the cellular membrane and DNA so allowing cells to reproduce as healthy cells whilst eliminating damaged cells.
Supports cardio and digestive tract health


The best way to take MISTIFY is about 30 mls (2 tbs) once or twice a day on an empty stomach. There is no problem with taking more than that at any time like if you feel a cold or flu coming on and want to head it off. 

When someone starts Pro argi-9 plus they are going to disturb traces of medications and toxins because of the increased oxygenation. These can make it look like the system is unwell for a while. MISTIFY neutralises that and will help the body to repair itself faster.