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Beckington, Wellow, Frome & Mere

Be good to your body, and it will be good to you.

Your Team Up Account
Welcome to your membership with Live Fit Yoga and
Fitness. Here is information on how to connect with Team Up so that you can book your classes and see your passes.
Connect to TEAM UP
When you are a new customer your email will be put into the Team Up system by Sarah. You are then sent an automatic email with a link to follow and open into a webpage. Register and create a password through the link.

Free TEAM UP app
Next download the free app TEAM UP and log in with your details. (Pink and Purple circles.)

Passes & Membership
There is no change in the pass system. The bigger the block of passes you buy, the better the value per class. Please see HOME page for these blocks. TEAM UP refer to these blocks as a 'Membership'. Passes have no deadline, A block can be shared by other family members. 


Pay via transfer to Live Fit Yoga & Fitness

You can buy your block of passes by bank transfer.


Please contact Sarah for the account details. Your


passes will then be logged Live Fit side of Team Up. If


you are doing a family share block, it is best to pay this


way so that your passes can be allocated to other family



Pay via TEAM UP

You can buy your block of passes through Team Up which will direct you through Stripe. Your block of passes will be referred to as a 'Membership'. Your passes will then be automatically given to you.

Pay 'Drop In' at Class, No booking

If you usually pay a Drop In at class. Come to class without booking. Your registration and payment for class will be done after class by Sarah.

Pay for block after class

If you need to pay for a new block and have not done it before class. Come to class without booking and once payment is made, your passes will be allocated to you. Registration can happen after class by Sarah and your paid pass registered then.


Trouble registering with TEAM UP


Please contact Sarah if you are having trouble registering with Team Up. You will be sent another link

to follow. If you originally created a password, but

cannot remember it, you can click the resend password

button and follow the directions. If you have further trouble, you will need to contact Team Up customer support directly as it is your password information.