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Gentle Yoga Class
I started this class once I had trained in Exercise Referral with The Wright Foundation and  took a course on Postural Alignment and Corrective Exercise with Premiere Training as well as my Yoga qualification.

I wanted to make Yoga accessible to all. So I began writing Yoga programs where you would gain the same benefits of a yoga posture but with the use of a chair. The chair postures giving more support, good alignment and foundation with the ability to gain strength and stretch without getting onto the floor.


Gentle Yoga Class 2023


Friday 10:10am Gentle Yoga & Online. The Mill at Rode.

Gentle Yoga Class Passes


1 Gentle Class. In Person: £10

1 Gentle Class. Online: £7

6 Gentle Classes. In Person & Online: £42. (Use within 4 months.)

Come and try your first class for free.

The Gentle Yoga Class is a good practice if you are:

Wanting to start Yoga for the first time.

If you are recovering from an injury or need to avoid using your body a certain way.

You would prefer not to get onto the ground.

You would like to avoid weight through knees and wrists.

You would like to take Yoga gently and still gain the benefits of movement.

What to expect in class:

We will work between chair and standing exercises.

There will be dynamic movements and postures that will be held for no more than 1 min.

We will feature core strengthening, whole body strength and flexibility.

We incorporate fascia rolling with spikey physio balls for tight muscle release.

There will be breath work and energy shifting themes. 

We finish on a meditation.

The idea is to feel moved, released, relaxed and balanced.

This is a sociable class, so you will meet lovely like minded yogis.

This class is at The Mill and therefore you will be able to get warm drinks after class if you wish. 

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