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Workshops & Retreats

The aim is to take yoga to new locations and offer more of an experience. The locations I pick have a personal link to me... They are places that I love. They are places where I can really relax, do a little yoga, eat good, healthy food, explore countryside with magnificent views and feel like I am doing good to my body. We all need a little escape and rest sometimes.

I invite you to more than just a yoga class. This is where you can take yourself away, listen to your body and recharge for a more happier, healthy and productive you.


Previous Workshops & Retreats
Portland, Dorset.
Winter Weekend Retreat.

Summer Long Weekend Retreat.

Mere, Whiltshire.
Workshop to design your own Yoga Flow. 2 hours.
Walk at White Sheet with picnic lunch.

Rise, Frome.
Workshop x 3 Fearless
With Floor Holmes
To explore Yoga with Self Development.

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