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Yoga Personal Training
Personal Training is the best way to progress quickly with your fitness and get to know your body better. I work with a combination of fascia rolling, body weight, weight training and yoga. Here are some examples of why Personal Training might be the answer for you...

It could be that you are recovering from an injury which restricts you in regular classes.

It might be that your working hours do not give you the ability to get to class.

You may have a goal you would like to reach with your fitness and you would like some support to get there on target.

You could be wanting to advance your yoga and feel you need more hands on adjustments or want to explore some difficult postures.

There are many reasons for choosing one to one yoga personal training. It is the fastest way for you to reach your goals and you are guaranteed to learn a lot more about yourself and your body along the way.

Sessions are 1 hour. £45
. Either at your location. Or at my location. Please contact me if you would like to have a chat.


Gift a Personal Training Session
If you would like to gift a Personal Training Session to a friend or family member, please get in touch. I can send an e-card voucher to you, to give as a gift.


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