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Hatha Vinyasa Yoga


Hatha Vinyasa yoga involves flowing movements from one asana to the next using your breath as a guide or indication to move.

We work through a series of flows and then hold particular postures for a length of time.

This class will help improve flexibility and strength, not to mention the power it can have on calming the body and mind. You do not need to be bendy to be involved in this class.


The beauty of yoga is that it is so individual, each posture will work for you accordingly and you will find your strengths through the series of sessions.

We will work with different breath techniques to calm the nervous system and internalise, bring vitality and energy to the body.

The classes are structured around a flow which will move the entire body. We will then focus on either hip openers, shoulder openers, back bends, chest openers, inversions to calm or more relaxation on the ground. Over the weeks you will experience the variety of programs and as a result will find your strengths and limitations and have a greater understanding from within.

Why I teach Yoga:

I was never a classic yogi. When I was very young I just loved gymnastics and would spend hours after school training. Dropping that sport as I grew up, I focused on my running. I found it helped for peace of mind, cardio, strength and it tapped into my very competitive side. However I lost all flexibility and whole body strength. I started doing yoga in my 30's and over the years I have gained so much more body awareness I had lost through my teens and 20's. I believe it is never too late to incorporate some yoga into your fitness practice. I also strongly believe that yoga should be accessible to all.


Classes 2023


Mon 6pm Yoga. In Person. Wellow.

Friday 9am Yoga. In Person. The Mill at Rode.

Yoga Class Passes


1 Class. In Person: £15

6 Classes: £60 (Use within 4 months.)

12 Classes: 109 (Use within 6 months.)

25 Classes: £215 (Use within 12 months.)

Try your first class for free. If you decide to book some classes please message Sarah to set up an account on Team Up.

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