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Welcome to

LIVE FIT Yoga & Fitness


Here is a bit about me: I, Sarah, started out work in my 20's, in advertising, in London. I worked for some good agencies as a creative, writing TV, Radio and print. Two of my favourite places I worked were Ogilvy and DLKW. After a number of years I decided to come back to Somerset with the idea of travel as I'd not explored this when I was younger. A good friend of mine had moved to Australia and encouraged me to book a ticket with the plan to have no plan and work and travel as I went.


I set off for Aus and visited some incredible places and worked on an epic cattle farm in Queensland. There are many stories, but I won't go on, here. I then backpacked Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand with my sister Lottie and popped over to South Africa for a best friend's wedding.


Coming back to the UK I decided that I couldn't go back into the advertising world, I had effectively been burnt out by it. In question, what should I do next? I will never forget the person who said to me, 'what were you good at when you were younger?', to which I said, sport. More specifically gymnastics when I was very young. Hockey though school and university and I have always been a runner. But for some reason, with the career choices I had made, sport had got lost along the way. It was time to retrain...


I started Personal Training in my 30's and worked at Frome Leisure Centre writing programs for all kinds of gym goers. I really enjoyed constructing a program that worked specifically for them whether it be they wanted more stamina for swimming, Or they were recovering from a frozen shoulder, Or they wanted ab exercises without getting on the floor. These are just to give a few examples.


As well as writing a multitude of programs I instructed Kettlercise. It was a fixed program but worked with a lower weight and the moves were complex and dynamic. I would teach approximately 15 people and it was important to have them all on form, this is when I began my experience of big group teaching. I had also qualified in Kettlebells, so it was good to get the experience of working with the same tool, but a completely different concept of how to work the body.


The other class I loved to teach was Circuits. This was an incredibly high energy class with a very competitive drive, which appealed to my nature. Here I really got a handle on body weight exercises and HIIT training. As well as being creative with the challenges, I was challenged by how to create a class that kept engagement, focus and a task to win.


After a couple of years of Personal Training I was self-studying a lot with ideas on dynamic body weight training. I kept coming across injuries and finding yoga body-weight work really useful. I decided to go and get a qualification as a Yoga instructor with an American company, Zuna, based in Bali.


On my return I moved to work with Sue Jackson, founder of  Balance Gym in Timsbury. I continued with Personal Training, Kettlercise and Circuits and started to offer Yoga and Gentle Exercise - for exercisers with specific requirements. During this time I qualified in Exercise Referral so that I could really understand what was appropriate and beneficial for people who needed very gentle work.


In a short space of time I had collected a wealth of information through working with all sorts of abilities and qualifying in a number of physical trainings. I founded this business, Live Fit Yoga and Fitness not long after. My direction has moved more into Yoga. But I work with several different methods; fascia rolling, Vinyasa dynamic flow, hatha style holding postures and body weight strength. 


Just one year ago I had my daughter, Olivia and so, became a full-time mum. Fortunately, my mum and husband have Olivia when I teach yoga. This is why there are only a few classes open currently.


Please get in touch if you would like more information. Thank you, Sarah 

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